The Learning Curve



How could you, as a business, support the Learning Curve?


Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems is a market leader in providing solutions to cool, heat, ventilate and control our buildings.

As a major manufacturer of some of these pivotal technologies, we hold the UK's energy challenges close to our heart. We want to help the nation achieve its climate  goals; we want to help individuals and businesses reduce the energy consumptions of their buildings, whilst also helping to reduce their annual running costs.
As part of our wish to engage with the community we have developed a schools programme called The Learning Curve - a pioneering educational programme which aims to teach the energy consumers of tomorrow all about renewable technologies. By demonstrating how the way we use energy in our buildings impacts on our environment, we hope to raise awareness of energy efficiency and to show that individual behaviour can make a real difference.

The sessions at our Training Centres are free, however, the school does need to get to the centre.  Why not pay for a coach for a school visit  and help pupils understand the importance of adopting the '3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. Alternatively, you could run the educational programme at your offices.

The benefits

  • Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Generate positive publicity and media opportunities

  • Invest in tomorrow's generation and increase understanding of renewable technologies


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You can download a pack to give to your local school which will tell them all they need to know.