The Learning Curve



What is the Learning Curve?


Mitsubishi Electric has a strong sense of our corporate social responsibility and we have therefore made our staff and nationwide Renewable Training Centres available to schools to help increase awareness of renewable energies and widen children's understanding of how these technologies work.

We have already had visits from over 2500 children since launching in the autumn of 2011 and have deliberately planned the events to challenge the children to consider how they think society should cope with increased demands for energy use, whilst also seeking to combat climate change.



Early Years 

We are pleased to be able to offer a programme for Early Years Foundation stage.  This a resource for EYFS practitioners to run themselves in their own environment and has been specially designed to help younger pupils learn the importance of helping to save the planet in a fun, hands-on way.


Primary - visits


Our programme has been designed to fit seamlessly into the existing national curriculum, with carefully defined learning objectives , for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.


Primary - self run sessions

If you can't get to one of our centres, why not run the session in school?  We will supply booklets, lesson plans and the loan of the required equipment.


youth groups

The Learning Curve covers many clauses of Brownie and cub badges as well as helping to provide a balanced programme of activities. Have a look at our resources for ideas of activities to run within your unit.


I work in a school, how do we get involved?


Discover more in the Teacher Pages or contact us to enquire about availability.


i think my child's school or youth group might be interested, how do they get involved? 


Print a pack for the Headteacher or look at Youth Groups pages to let them know what it's all about.