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Self Run Sessions

Borrow the kit

Whilst the experience of an off-site visit is a valuable one, we appreciate this is not always possible, and therefore we can offer support for this topic to be taught within your school environment by your own staff. 


We supply booklets, lesson plans and the loan of the required equipment.


How it works:

Total Session time – Approx. 2 hours


Summary of programme

Introduction   Whole class  40mins

Eco Heating  1/3 class  20mins

Solar Energy  1/3 class  20mins

Reduce, reuse, recycle  1/3 class  20mins

Conclusion  Whole class  10mins



It works well for the class to be split into three groups and rotate round the sessions.  This allows for a more hands on experience and keeps their attention as they move from one environment to another.


Loan Equipment

Limited equipment is required but supplied. 


You will need to supply:

•IT Equipment / presentation facilities
•A coat / jumper
•Pencil for each child
•Ice (Eco-heating)
•Warm water (Eco-heating)


Your pack will contain items for the children to use and keep:

•A workbook & stickers
•A certificate
•A souvenir pen


Request the kit:

Email the team on